Pediatric Dentistry of Johns Creek – Where Great Smiles Begin!

At Pediatric Dentistry of Johns Creek, we believe that by teaching your children good dental habits at an early age we can positively affect their health, wellness and confidence for the rest of their lives. That is why Dr. James Hicks and his Johns Creek children’s dental team have created an environment where parents can be as involved in the treatment of their children as they would like to be.

Comprehensive Childrens Dentistry

Young Boy SmilingOur warm, caring and attentive dental team provides a wide range of children’s dental treatments to ensure that your child will develop and maintain beautiful, healthy teeth. With proper and consistent dental treatment, we can not only help to prevent cavities in the future, but also teach your child good habits that will last them a lifetime!

Dental Technology

Our office was recently designed to incorporate some of the latest dental technology to help us treat your child comfortably, safely and efficiently.

  • Low Radiation Digital X-rays: Uses 90% less radiation and provides immediate images to quickly diagnose hidden problems.
  • Extra-oral Digital Bitewings and Periapicals: Our panorex machine has the capability to take localized xrays of patients teeth without placing anything uncomfortable in the mouth.  This works great for young patients that are anxious or have a gag reflex and prefer not to use the conventional digital xrays that you bite down on.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation: We can administer an oral sedative to relax your child before performing any restorative dental procedure. Safe and effective, Oral Sedation allows your child to remain awake and aware, but their anxiety will be reduced for any dental procedure.
  • Calming Nitrous Oxide Sedation: if your child is anxious about going to the dentist, Nitrous Oxide (also known as “laughing gas”) is a safe and effective sedative agent we can use to calm your child’s fears.
  • Cosmetic “tooth-colored” Fillings: we utilize specialized composite filling material that is white, and bonds with the teeth so that it is hard to tell that a child has even had fillings!

Amenities for Kids and Parents

We designed our brand new office with you and your child’s comfort in mind. We have games for the kids, and quiet, relaxing areas for the adults. If your child is afraid or nervous about visiting the Dentist, ask us about our “happy visits”. This is where we introduce them to our office without dental work being done, so that they become more comfortable. Some of our amenities include:

  • Each operatory has windows with benches right outside so that parents can be as close to their children as they would like to be.
  • A Children’s theater room right off of our reception area with 65 inch flat screen television.
  • 32 inch flat screen televisions above every dental chair so children can watch their favorite movies during procedures or cleanings.
  • Toys and books are available in the hygiene area to make children’s visits more fun.
  • And for the Parents… our reception area has a laptop bar where parents can plug in their devices and utilize our complimentary wireless service.

Emergency Childrens Dental Care in Johns Creek

Do you need a children’s dentist in the Johns Creek/Duluth/Alpharetta/Suwanee/Norcross area that can see your child in an emergency? Give us a call and we will do all that we can to see your child the same day, whether you are currently a patient or not. We know that a dental emergency for your child can be frightening, and we want to do all that we can to help. Click here to read more about what do in case of child’s dental emergency.

Special Needs Dentist in Johns Creek

Our pediatric dentist is specialty-trained in treating children with special needs and medically compromised patients. We give these wonderful children the extra attention and understanding that they may need. We deliver care safely, compassionately and with the most fun possible. Our pediatric dental team members are trained to to meet your child’s special needs and ensure that they grow up with healthy and beautiful smiles.

Convenient Office for Busy Parents

We know that life moves at a hectic pace and that parents are always pressed for time. Our office runs efficiently, with minimal wait time. We have a laptop bar in our reception area where parents can plug in and access out complimentary wireless internet. Our office is conveniently located at 10475 Medlock Bridge Road in Johns Creek (at the intersection with Wilson Road) and is convenient to Duluth, Norcross, Alpharetta and Suwanee. We have ample free parking in our private lot. We offer appointments before school or work!

Financial Options

Insurance is welcomed and accepted at our practice. We are in-network with several Dental PPO plans. We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and offer Patient Financing.